Blaise Wopperer and Lara Ciulli's company Porridge After Meat presents a dark character comedy about the cloistered lives of two adolescent half-sisters (same daddy different mummy) living on their alcoholic father’s prairie in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. Horny, lonely and serious lolly lovers (we fucking love them, swear on your mum we do), join these potty mouthed, greasy little misfits in hope, rivalry and their weird kind of love, on their absurd and tender (sometimes) journey to find true sisterhood. 

'The Sisters Fig' originally premiered at The Centre of Artistic Development’s 2022 International Artists Festival in Calgary, Alberta. Blaise Wopperer and Lara Ciulli created their company, Porridge After Meat from the ground up over a three-month residency period for young emerging artists and, inspired by their recent experience at L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier (2021-22), they devised their piece, ‘The Sisters Fig’. Largely formed through improvisation, clowning and physical comedy, ‘The Sisters Fig’ explores challenging themes and relationship dynamics with use of music and multimedia interwoven throughout. The show is darkly absurd, inspired by the crude and often risque comedy of actors such as Chris Liley, Danny Mcbride, and Cole Escola juxtaposed with a more classical charm and whimsy that often gives way to surprising moments of pathos and a relatable human tenderness. Although the show took to the stage with much success in 2022, without the funding to hand the company was forced to take a break as Blaise returned to New York and Lara to London with both of them beginning to pursue independent projects closer to home. After a year's planning we’re delighted to revisit and develop 'The Sisters Fig' in collaboration with each other as well as local artists, designers, musicians and directors.

The Sisters Fig (w_ Audio).mp4